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Florida Token Society
to Meet Saturday,
October 20, 2018 at 10 AM
Woodland Towers
DeLand, Florida

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 Florida Token Catalogue

     The Florida Token Society, founded on
December 4, 1976, at 2 P.M. met at Ellinor Village in Ormond Beach, Florida. A small group of collectors reorganized a token group, which had become inactive about one year earlier. The founding group consisted of Vic Amorose, C. R. and Marion Clark, Robert and Mary Clark, P. G. Gearing, Ralph Jones, N. R. and Dorothy Mack, Hugh Roberts and Fred Stanfield. They elected Vic Amorose as president, then selected Vic's suggested name for the newsletter, TOKENEWS, as the official name for the newsletter. Later that Month, a one page issue, edited by Fred Stanfield, was published. The newsletter has been published continuously since 1976.

     The Florida Token Society has had a loyal membership throughout the years with almost 100% renewals and constant growth, while some clubs were experiencing declining membership. This can be attributed to an enthusiastic membership and a quality newsletter. The objectives of the Florida Token Society are:

  • To promote and stimulate the research of Florida tokens and other exonumia.
  • To cultivate fraternal collector relations.
  • To disperse information about The Florida Token Society activities.
  • To permanently record historical information relating to Florida tokens and medals by publishing it in the newsletter. 

The benefits of membership include:

  • TOKENEWS, the newsletter, is published four times a year with an average of 72 pages per year. 
  • Timely educational articles are published in each newsletter.
  • Maverick tokens are listed for members in an attempt to attribute them. 
  • Free classified advertising is available to all members in each issue. 
  • Any member may purchase inexpensive paid advertising. 
  • We have four meetings per year in various parts of Florida. Each meeting provides an opportunity to trade and buy tokens, talk about tokens with other collectors, and participate in an informative program. 

Want a copy of the current newsletter? - TOKENEWS
Mail 71
ยข in coin or stamps, for postage to:

Steve Ratliff, 1717 Saint Marys Bay Drive
Milton, FL 32583-7343

     A token is something of little intrinsic value that is used as a substitute for
US currency. Florida is rich in tokens, especially commissary tokens which were used primarily from the 1890's until the 1940's due to its active lumber and turpentine industry. The remoteness of the sawmills and turpentine stills required the company to provide a store where the employees could buy the necessities. These companies would often issue tokens to employees for payment of wages in advance of the regular payday and these tokens were good only in the company owned commissary. These lumber and lumber related tokens are some of the most sought after tokens today. Florida also has a great variety of modern tokens, including amusement tokens; drink tokens, picker's tokens, and food stamp tokens.

     The old saloon and military tokens of Florida are rare, but many tokens are available to collectors. Large numbers of transportation tokens and amusement tokens can be obtained for a dollar or less. The "chase" for a token offers great enjoyment. There is much satisfaction in searching and finding the tokens you desire for your collection.

     C. R. Clark, one of the founders of The Florida Token Society, published the first catalogue of Florida trade tokens in 1980. A second catalogue, Florida Tokens, was released in mid-1990. Publication of the first catalogue did much to stimulate interest in Florida tokens and the second book again stimulated more interest. The catalogue, can be obtained directly from the author: C. R. Clark, P.O. Box 48691, St. Petersburg, FL 33743

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